Gothic Wedding Cakes

First of all we shall mention these wedding cakes have nothing to do with the history. No ancient domes and old Sweden are involved; no touch of real gothic architecture is used while creating these dark masterpieces. It had nothing to do with ancient cathedrals either.

It’s more about Bram Stoker’s novels about vampires and beasts. There’s also a hint of Mary Shelley stories atmosphere. Gothic culture appeared about 30 years ago as the opportunists for punks and skinheads, who were the leading tendency in 70th. The teenagers and other gothic culture followers are drawn to the monsters in the graveyards and everything that goes with them. It was the obvious shock for parents to see their kids with green hair or dressed all in black, still that’s what it was all about.

Still, teenagers grow into adults, and sometimes they are still into gothic culture, so on their wedding the true gothic wedding cake is a must. No white colors, no tender flowers will be on its topping. You will see dark graves, crosses, bats and other attributes of the gothic event.

There’re some designers who work on particular gothic cakes, you can see their works in the gallery. And if you’re goth, do not hesitate to order one of those to your precious wedding!